L-Series LD

A Compact Sensor for Hydro Cylinders

The compact position sensor system was designed for installation in hydraulic cylinders, specifically for use in standard clevis head cylinders or any space limited cylinder applications.

  • The pressure proof stainless steel sensor rod with fitting or threaded flange protects the sensing element in which gives rise to the measurement signal. It fits into the bored piston rod.
  • The external standard industrial housing accomodates the modular electronic interface with active signal conditioning. The sensor electronic is connected to the basicsensor via inside terminal screws and to the controller with integrated cable outlet.
  • The position magnet, the only moving part is mounted on the piston bottom. The permanent magnet travels wearfree and contactless along the stationary sensor tube. Its magnetic field starts the measurement signal through sensor’s rod wall.
Output Stroke Length Resolution Status ⓘ
Analog 50…5000 mm infinite

Active Mature

Start/Stop 50…5000 mm controller dependent

Active Mature